Firey String Sistas! is a chamber Jazz ensemble that is configured anywhere from duo to 20 piece orchestra for events throughout the year. The group is quickly gaining a reputation for presenting unique performances that include cultural, world  and women's views. They’ve performed at several cutting edge venues  such as Harlem Summer Stage Amphitheater, Brooklyn Museum, South Orange Performing Arts Center (WBGO’s Jazz Kids Series), Harlem Gate House, Borough Hall Community College, Symphony Space, UMass, Puffin Cultural Forum, the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s BAM Café Live and the Medgar Evers Jazzy Jazz Festival to name a few.  The Firey String Sistas! recording project featuring Mala Waldron (piano, vocal), Marlene Rice (violin), Nioka Workman (cello), Melissa Slocum (bass) and Karina Colis (drums) on Nov-Jan 2016 took place at Peter Karl Studios in Brooklyn, New York.

Highlights from our upcoming new CD will be presented at the New York City APAP conference, Hilton Hotel, 9:30p. on Jan. 17.

Photo Credit: Hollis King