The Firey String Company was founded by cellist Nioka Workman in 2011  to  ‘push the art of string playing into the next level’. We provide unique, cutting edge platforms for performance, creation and presentation of Jazz, and Improvisation. We are fostering a new generation of audiences who enjoy our music as an integral part of broader cultural experiences. Our members are international, joining us from Mexico, Tokyo, Germany, Poland, Africa and the United States. We are passionate about promoting and supporting the work of female composers, musicians throughout a yearly season.

Programs that we currently produce are: Firey String Sistas! a touring Jazz ensemble. SouLyric 2, an annual event that includes lyric stylist, actors, and performance artists.  Synergy, an electronic music showcase. LAB, an incubator for new ideas from artists, choreographers and film makers. Our most popular family show called  JOYOUS!, a holiday Jazz event. Finally, the Radiance Festival, a yearly event that brings new music to the community.

The Firey String Company programs have been presented as part of the WBGO Jazz Kids Series at South Orange Performing Arts Center, Puffin Gallery, BAM Cafe, Brooklyn Museum's Sculpture Garden, Martha Graham Studios in Westbeth and the Art of HerStory at Brooklyn's Center For Arts and Culture.

In the summer we expand our reach by connecting to various residency communities with workshops and master classes. Sessions 6 for improvisers and Shed! for beginning improvisers will be offered as part of our  residency at Bailey's Cafe with Music For The People Brooklyn. More information :Website

Nioka Workman- Founder

Darrell Bridges- Company Manager

Melissa Slocum- Development Manager

Anthony Snowden- Production Assistant