Firey Strings Company was founded in 2011 by cellist Nioka Workman, to ‘push the art of string playing into the next level’ by providing unique and cutting edge platforms for the performance, creation and presentation of Jazz and Improvisation, particularly highlighting female artists.  We connect audiences to new and exciting programs while providing an enriching artistic community for improvisers.   

FSCO presents diverse, powerhouse improvisers from the United States,  Mexico, Poland, Japan, Germany and beyond. FSCO's ensembles range from solo to 10-piece orchestra. The touring resident ensemble is a popular 5-piece Jazz Chamber group called the  Firey String Sistas! 

FSCO's programs have been featured at venues such as BAM Cafe, Botanical Gardens, Brooklyn’s Center for Arts and Culture, South Orange Performing Arts Center, the Puffin Gallery, the Polish-American Festival in Greenpoint, Martha Graham Studios, Brooklyn Museum Sculpture Gardens and Coltrane Day Festival. 

The Firey Strings Company presents a broad variety of chamber and mixed-media performances each season, the largest being FSCO's Radiance Festival which brings together composers and performers to create new jazz and contemporary works that highlight improvisation. Featured composers include Geraldine Eguiluz, Jay Rodriguez and Dana Hanchard. Another program is  Women, Wine and Song inspired, created and performed by women presented in an intimate and celebratory style that encourages discussion and connection among creative women.  A recent iteration featured founder Nioka Workman’s musical theater piece called Her Reflections (HR2), honoring Josephine Baker. FSCO passionately pursues opportunities to collaborate with artists in other fields.  SouLyric features collaboration with actors and spoken word artists.  SYNERGY brings together dance, electronics and musical performance. FSCO has had a summer residency at the Joffrey Ballet School for six years, where dancers get to experience, often for the first time, the magic of improvising to live music. As part of Firey String Company’s mission to grow and support a vibrant musical community, FSCO provides an annual series of low-cost workshops or, Sessions, for string players that cover a wide range of topics suited to both seasoned improvisers and those just getting started on their creative journey.  

Educational outreach beyond the musical community is also a core value of FSCO.  They partner with several schools and community centers including Bailey’s Cafe in Brooklyn, NY, Riverbank State Park in Harlem, Art & Education Continuum in Queens through Music For the People, NYC to provide music instruction and interactive workshops that tell historically and culturally important stories through engaging musical performance.

Firey Strings Company would like to thank our special partners and friends  for their generous support and donations: Arts & Education Continuum, Darrell Bridges, Sister's Uptown Bookstore, K & S Music Inc.,  Fractured Atlas, Material For The Arts, Chamber Music America, Jazz Foundation of America, Bailey's Cafe, Stefanie Seigel,  and numerous friends who have help our vision to blossom. Thank You!